Sangeetha Pulapaka

Everybody dreams, but the majority of us do no remember dreams because we get busy with what is happeming in our real life. Within just five minutes of being awake, 50% of your dream is forgotten and often cannot be retrieved. After a further five minutes, 90% of your dream has faded to nothing. The 10% you do remember is often core information, or very vivid experiences within your dream. Of course, you do not remember 10% of every dream; some days you will 

It has also been recorded in a study that people who sleep for less than six hours hardly have no time to dream.

Lucid dreams are actually remembered more clearly. This happens in the early hours of the morning, during the last of the four periods of REM sleep and usually lasts for  a few minutes. A lucid dream is actually a dream in which the sleeper somehow realizes that he/she is dreaming and effectively wakes up.


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Here is an article that shocks the brain with electricity so to remember old dreams