In psychology, there's a phenomenon called flow, where a task you're particularly interested in fits a perfect balance of being approachable and challenging. While in flow, sometimes colloquially referred to as being "in your element" or "in the zone," you tend to be more productive and more focused, but you also tend to lose track of time. Do you ever look up at the clock and realized several hours have passed without your awareness or acknowledgment? That's a result of flow, and while it certainly isn't a bad thing, it can lead you to feel like you don't have enough time.


When we need to go to school or go to work we never look at the clock and after a while when we do look at it we see that so much time has passed and also when we constantly sit in front of our alarm clock the time passes really slowly.Usually we dont realize the value of time and when we really need it we dont have it.That is not an accurate answer but I answered what I knew.So,bye.

Sangeetha Pulapaka