Sangeetha Pulapaka


This is because of our voice box. The voice box sits lower in the throat in humans than it does in other primates, giving us a uniquely large resonating system. That’s why we alone are able to make the wide range of sounds needed for speech

Unfortunately, the placement of our voice box means we can’t breathe and swallow at the same time, as other animals can (choke).Fortunately, the human voice box doesn’t drop until about 9 months, which allows infants to breathe while nursing.

More facts about the larynx/voice box :

1.Males actually experience two larynx drops in their lives. One occurs when they are infants, and one takes place when they go through puberty. The second larynx drop is what causes males' voices to deepen.

2.Infants are often more prone to choking as they get to be about 4 months old because of the way that their swallowing mechanism changes. As the infant's body changes, the larynx becomes less protected, which can make it easier for the baby to aspirate.