Sangeetha Pulapaka

Carrots grow under ground because the soil provides a balanced environment for the plants to grow. This is because they also need parital sun and their soil should be moist and cool at all times. They like other root vegetables grow best in winter. The root contains all the nutrition and the leaves , stalk which grow outside the soil are disposed of.

Did u know that they are also available in purple color, white and yellow?

Purple carrots derive their color from anthocyanin ( a pigment)

Nobody's really sure how the orange carrot came to take over most of the world. Early reports suggested that purple carrots had a better flavor than white, but purple might have fallen out of favor because they tend to leach a dark pigment onto whatever they're cooked with. After that, orange carrots might have got the jump on white carrots simply because it was easier to grow them.

Tomatoes unlike carrots need sunlight to grow. This is why they grow above the soil. They need warm weather conditions and need constant watering. More on this