Sangeetha Pulapaka

Cats living in hot climates might not be as averse to water as their cousins living in colder climates. Water provides a way for cats to cool off with a swim or just a quick dip. Cats are able to swim. In fact, big cats who live in hot climates, like tigers, lions and jaguars, are skilled swimmers. Cats in colder climates don’t like being cold and wet for the same reasons we don’t. Being wet in the cold causes us to lose body heat and be uncomfortable

Not all domestic cats are water averse. The Turkish Van breed of domesticated cat has been nicknamed the “swimming cat” because of their fondness of water. This breed was known to swim in Turkey’s Lake Van and even swim out to greet returning fishing boats. If you share your home with a Turkish Van you might also share your bathtub with this water-loving feline.

 Cats are fastidious about grooming so keeping clean is a top priority for them, but this doesn’t mean our version of a bath is a good idea for the cat. So, it isn’t so much that cats hate water, but that they embrace water on their own terms.

And, most of them are more intelligent than an average human beong. So, as long as we respect a cat’s needs and don’t force her into anything she might not be comfortable doing, everybody will be happier.