Sangeetha Pulapaka

Where did you hear this from? Who said this? Because this is absolutely false! I meant, true.


1.Causes an instant and long-term rise in blood pressure.

2.Causes an instant and long-term increase in heart rate.

3.Reduces blood flow from the heart.

4.Reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches the body's tissues.

5.Increases risk for blood clots.

6.Damages blood vessels.

7.Doubles the risk of stroke (reduced blood flow to the brain).

8.Smoking has also been linked with depression and stress.

9.It also causes the skin to age prematurely.

With smoking confirmed to cause cancer, expect a loss in life expectancy of up to 14 years depending on the amount smoked daily and the number of years that someone has smoked. This is a huge number and represents the extreme effect of smoking on health. On average, smoking costs the smoker somewhere between 8 and 10 years of life. This number doesn’t represent any quality of life lost due to complications of smoking such as emphysema which can take more years off of your life expectancy. Hey, a question for you to guess!

Let me know your answer.

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