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Subtracting 25 from every measurement shifts the distribution of measurement lower, so it will affect measures of center like the mean.

Subtracting 25 from every measurement will decrease the mean by 25.

Subtracting 25 from every measurement doesn't affect measures of spread since the distribution is just shifted lower.

Subtracting 25 from every measurement won't affect the standard deviation.

Mean: 175 g

Standard deviation: 70 g.


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Normal distribution problem: z-scores (from (video) | Khan ...

Effects of linear transformations. Sort by: Top Voted ... Other distributions include the gamma distribution, the Poisson distribution and the Bernoulli distribution. ... You shouldn't be getting the standard deviation or the mean from a Z-table. ... I understand how to get a z-score but what if you have many data sets for your value.

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