Step 1: Make sure that using the given ratio is it possible to draw a right triangle or not.

              NOTE:  In a right angle triangle the hypotenuse is greater that the side.

                           \sin x = \frac{opposite}{hypotenuse} = \frac{4}{3}

                                           Opposite side = 4

                                           Hypotenuse side = 3

                           Hypotenuse > side

                                   3 < 4

                         So,  it is not possible to construct a right angle triangle.


Step 2: Check the sin rang.

           NOTE:   We know sin function always lies ranging from 1 to -1.

                       The given value   \frac{4}{3} = 1.3333, is greater than 1.

            So, there is no possible value of x for which \sin x = \frac{4}{3}