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If this is the table,

Then a linear model would be the best fit.

y = 5x would represent this model.

How do we know this?

Let x be the number of employees and y be the number of active customer accounts then,

Just plug in x =1, to get y = 5.

Plug in x = 2, to get y = 10.

Plug in x = 10, to get y = 50.

So, we have a linear model with lowest residual error.

A linear model has a fixed common difference, or a fixed rate of change.

Any table which is given, just check out if there is a common difference. A common difference means linear model. A common ratio means exponential model. The table will be either of that.

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Please try: select count(*) as count,dept.DNAME from emp inner join dept on emp .DEPTNO = dept.DEPTNO group by dept.DNAME.

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