Mahesh Godavarti

It is actually Qalaxia. Qalaxia stands for Galaxy of Questions and Answers. Qalaxia is a question-and-answer platform for classrooms that answers students questions and extracts formative assessment reports for teachers.

The formative assessment reports inform teachers about students' interests, strengths and weaknesses in various topics and common core standards. The reports help teachers in lesson replanning as necessary.

Sangeetha Pulapaka

Qalaxia is an all powerful tool which can be used to answer questions and clear doubts. Qalaxia is used to ignite curiosity so  learning becomes enjoyable.Qalaxia facilitates teachers and students to share resources. If you are a student you may find that raising a hand in a classroom is a brave thing to do. It is a social risk to any high school student! On qalaxia questions can be asked anonymously (like you  just did!) and an expert answers the question in the best way possible. I guess you are aware that Knowledge is wisdom and wisdom is light. So, hail Qalaxia, the destroyer of darkness.